Logos Academy Library 真道書院圖書館

Library Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm
Study Room Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm

圖書館開放時間 : 星期一至五 上午 08:30 - 下午 05:00
自修室開放時間 : 星期一至五 上午 08.30 - 下午 05:00

Library Rules

1. Please do not bring food and drink to the library.
2. Please keep non-library materials, school bags and other private items in storage cupboards.
3. Please keep quiet in the library. Do not disturb other users by talking loudly, playing games, and chasing around.
4. Please keep the library tidy and clean. Look after library materials.
5. Please leave books on the transit trolley after reading.
6. When leaving the library, please show the items you are taking with you. Library items must be checked out by the system before they are taken away.
7. Users who have disobeyed the library rules can be asked to leave by the librarians who are on duty.


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  • 2012-2013年度圖書館學生管理員輪值名單
    張貼者:2012年8月23日 下午5:06Anne Wan

  • 張貼者:2012年8月23日 下午5:06Anne Wan
  • 有關網上廣泛閲讀計劃內的閲讀記錄 為公平起建,那些違反 "每天只可以輸入一本圖書" 規則的閲讀記錄,已經被刪除。請同學留意:1) 每天只可以輸入一本圖書2) 相同的圖書不能輸入多過一次如有發現違規的書本記錄,系統將會自動刪除違規的記錄,敬請留意。
    張貼者:2010年4月29日 下午8:01Tsz Kin Simon Li

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  • 張貼者:2010年9月24日 上午1:10Anne Wan
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